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International expansion


Internationally expansion of a multi-channel retailer into France. Leading with digital platforms, leveraging EU infrastructure integration to create a cost optimised operation. Local refined brand positioning for market nuance. Cross EU supply chain & technology optimised infrastructure.


  • Recruit 180 strong local cross functional team, leveraging international SME for training and to establish corporate cultural

  • Optimise global business model to market whilst maintaining unique proposition

  • Developed a blue print for brand and vendor acquisition

  • Defined the technology and solutions design, creation and implementation

  • Integrated supply chain infrastructure across EU distribution network

  • Augmented latest technology solutions within established global portfolio


  • Launched online, social and live TV customer experience across France. 

  • On time and within budget, delivering the companies leanest operating model globally. 

  • Achieved groups highest digital penetration

  • Established 1,500 brand portfolio across beauty, fashion, home and electronics

  • 64 hours of live daily TV to 20 million TV homes

  • Established new technology and operating model case study for global expansion 

GLOBAL DIRECT TV RETAILER International expansion: Projects
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