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Graham Bannerman
China Manufacturing Consultant

Driven by wanting to improve and make things better. A mechanical engineer by training with a deep knowledge of electrical engineering, Graham has since gained a MBA and holds a Six Sigma black belt.

He has led a number high profile, high investment projects at NCR – a global leader in banking and commerce software and hardware solutions. In his +20 year tenure he held operational and programme director roles that saw him help transform a traditional manufacturing business into the $7bn modern tech giant. Achieved through manufacturing process upgrades, a custom MRP system and streamlining processes. Importantly – Graham says - being omni-present on the ‘shop floor’ means decades of hands on experience. The biggest lesson here, he says, is realising that you have to craft process to fit your business and your client’s needs.

Gaining a global award for manufacturing Graham was dispatched to China where he has spent the last 20 years. Initially setting up all aspects of the NCR subsidiary there, his role morphed into a welcomed hybrid that took in commercial, customer facing, quality control and business strategies.
Today, after GM and MD roles in oil, aerospace and lasers, Graham describes himself as a consultant trouble shooter for all things operations, manufacturing and procurement related. Two decades of working in China means he is incredibility in tune and adept at partnering with Chinese businesses to bring about change and make business better.

Graham Bannerman China Manufacturing Consultant: Service
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