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Janhavi Dadarkar
Governance & Risk

Janhavi brings over three decades of Governance & Risk mitigation expertise. Advising companies and enterprising individuals on how to grow and build brands, whilst protecting them. Combining International experience with her pragmatism and breadth of knowledge she is described as, “An indispensable adviser for businesses seeking to grow in emerging markets”.

Her ability to cut through complexity to deliver solutions, makes her the ideal strategic partner for organisations seeking to turnaround or scale their business. This invaluable guidance is driven by someone who has “been there, done it, got the scars”Janhavi is a qualified solicitor, Programme Lead at the Institute of Directors (IOD) for Governance, and currently holds a portfolio of board roles with a focus on risk mitigation and strategic growth planning, for long term sustainable success.  

Janhavi Dadarkar Governance & Risk: Service
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