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Global, Multi Site Deployment


Global extension and deployment of an ERP and WMS cloud based system into the USA, the UK and Europe capable of integration with a multi site manufacturing footprint to ensure fulfilment rates do not fall below 98% for a global portfolio of clients servicing both multi and omni channel clients across 18,000+ sku's.


  • Ensure technology based system and purpose built warehouse facility is capable of handling in excess of 3,600 retail outlets, managing in excess of 10,000 order lines per day

  • Integration with both new and legacy based systems to phase implementation over a five year period, without affecting trading or service levels.

  • Capabilities to manage  Omnichannel facility handling B2B and Ecommerce orders.

  • Overall reduction in inventory levels with increase in service levels

  • Real Time integration with INFOR M3 using web services for Retail and ECOM orders, Conveyor and Sorting system to optimise efficiencies 

  • Custom developed integration between WMS and third party Carriers 


  • Design and Built 150,000 purpose built distribution facility within 9 months matching fiscal targets

  • Capabilities to exceed original order lines per day achieved

  • Significant cost savings from original infrastructure, delivering increased EBITDA, payback exceeded expectations

  • Implementation of automated conveyor system with VNA technology

  • Lead times and overall time to market significantly reduced for customers

  • Landed costs reduced

  • Inventory levels optimised and reduced

  • Automated picking and packing using VNA technology for warehouse  

  • System directed Put away and Picking strategies for VNA, Pick and Drop, plus Shelving and Hazmat Sections 

  • Target paperless operation, full task directed handheld operations reducing the need of papers

PAINT MANUFACTURER Global, Multi Site Deployment: Projects
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